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'A Continual, Rolling, Chaotic Crisis': Biden Meets with Mexican President as Illegal Immigration Soars

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The president of Mexico is visiting with President Biden at the White House today. Front and center will be the crisis on the U.S.- Mexico border where parts of Texas have now declared a "border invasion" due to historic numbers of illegal migrants. 

The meeting comes one month after President López Obrador snubbed Biden's invitation to the summit of the Americas in Los Angeles because leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela were not invited. He's also criticized the United States for helping Ukraine.  
Illegal border crossings from Mexico have now hit the highest levels since the U.S. started counting in 2000.   
In May alone, nearly 240,000 migrants breached the U.S. border. And 25% of them had previously been arrested and deported. The White House says Biden and López Obrador will discuss ways to slow the staggering numbers as concerns mount over a crisis growing worse by the day.  

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Critics charge Biden's policies are to blame for the unprecedented numbers which include a 20% spike in unaccompanied children.   
Former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf spoke with CBN News. "The word is out around the world that if you want to come to the U.S. illegally your best bet is to come to the U.S. southern border," said Wolf.

The record numbers are now coming from more than 150 countries across the globe. "These are people from Bangladesh, from Afghanistan, from Syria, from Russia, from all over the Middle East," said CBN War Correspondent Chuck Holton.   

In Texas, several counties have declared an official "border invasion" as migrants flood into the state. López Obrador has blasted Texas Governor Abbott's order allowing the National Guard and state authorities to send them back to the border.  

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted, "The #BidenBorderCrisis has never been this bad."

And Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) said, "What America is experiencing on our border is a continual, rolling, chaotic crisis that Biden & his Admin have created."

Many also charge Biden's open-border policies are allowing drug cartels to move massive amounts of illicit drugs into the country. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling giving the administration the right to end President Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy could make the situation much worse.  

"Biden has a big choice to make. They can choose rule of law and for American communities and they can reinstitute a program they know that works," said Wolf.

One topic sure to come up is the death of 54 migrants who were left in a truck in San Antonio last month. López Obrador is seeking more migrant worker visas from the Biden administration. He also wants to discuss inflation and security. 

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