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Concerned Parents Read Aloud from Pornographic Books at Indiana School Board Meeting

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Fed up with the explicit content found in several books being offered to their children in local school libraries, several parents spoke out at a recent Carmel Clay School Board Meeting in Carmel, Indiana, by reading excerpts aloud from the books in question. 

The Western Journal reports the district's libraries at elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools are apparently filled with books promoting radical transgender ideology, lessons on masturbation, and novels with explicit sexual scenes including one describing a rape.

As some of the parents read the indecent examples from some of the books out loud for the school board to hear, gasps were reportedly heard from the audience.  

One parent warned the board about the "global campaign to promote sexualized material to grade school children which are heralded by the U.N., championed by Planned Parenthood and is now making its way into the Carmel schools."

She listed several titles available at the district's elementary schools, including Introducing Teddy: A Gentle Story About Gender and Friendship, which uses a teddy bear to teach kids that gender isn't determined by biology;  Sparkle Boy, about a toddler's cross-dressing tendencies; and Call Me Max, in which a kindergarten girl gets a teacher to call her by a boy's name.

Another parent read from a novel available to local high school students that included a pornographic scene describing the book's characters engaged in various sex acts. 

A third parent then read an excerpt from a book that is readily accessible to middle schoolers titled It's Perfectly Normal. Promoted by Planned Parenthood, it teaches kids how to masturbate. 

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Many of the parents expressed their concern that such material was readily available for minors. 

"You have lost sight of your responsibilities to educate our children," one parent told the board, according to Fox 59. "Parents are learning, watching, and taking action."

"This is totally inappropriate for our K-2 students to be discussing this with anyone but their parents," another parent said.

Alvin Lui, a Carmel parent, and activist told the television station the book would violate obscenity laws if he read it to them aloud. 

"If I were to read it to you, you wouldn't be able to air it because it would be against FCC obscenity laws," Lui said. "Everyone was uncomfortable, and these are adults."

Lui made local headlines in May when he told Indianapolis radio station WIBC that he had left California with his family in 2019 in order to escape radical leftist ideology only to find it in Indiana. 

"If I raised my daughter in California, the schools and the culture there would teach her that her two most important things in life are that she's Asian and she's female," he said. 

Lui told the station he and his wife felt good about their decision to move to the Hoosier State until they noticed the culture in the local school district beginning to shift in a way that seemed all too familiar – like the shift toward critical race theory into the school curriculum after the district hired its first "diversity, equity, and inclusion officer" at the beginning of the year. 

"We saw a lot of little things before other people saw it because we've lived through it previously," Lui told WIBC. "So for my wife and I, it kind of feels like we're living through that same nightmare all over again except in the very beginning."

A video of the school board meeting was uploaded to YouTube by a group known as Unify Carmel.  The group is sounding the alarm on wokeism that is permeating the city's public schools, according to The Western Journal

Fox 59 reports following the parents' presentation, Carmel Clay Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Beresford told the audience the school district had been aware of previous concerns brought up by parents over transgender books but said this was the first he had heard about books featuring explicit sexual content.

He assured parents the school district will investigate every title brought up during the meeting and will decide which ones are appropriate and which ones are not.  

"Some of the books they mentioned aren't on our rolls that we have," Beresford said. "We are going into the buildings and looking into the buildings to make sure."

But some parents want to know how such explicit books got in the school district's libraries in the first place. 

"I want to see how they're going to ensure how books of this nature continue to get in," Lui told Fox 59.

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