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Christian Parents Say No Way to Satan Club in Elementary School

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The Satanic Temple of Seattle is planning to move forward with an after school club in a Tacoma, Washington, elementary school. But Christian parents are not standing for it. 

Lilith Starr, head of the Satanic Temple, says she received calls from parents concerned about the Good News Club, an evangelical after school program at Point Defiance Elementary School.

As a result, the group lobbied for a counter program that would allow children to make their own decisions without the influence of a "superstitious worldview."

"We look forward to providing a fun, educational option for Point Defiance students to learn about science, rationalism, and critical thinking," the organization's website states.

But Christian parents are not buying this "rational" option. 

"My son will not be at a school where they're preaching against what I believe," Bishop Michael Doss, with Deliverance House of Prayer, said.

Doss, a dozen church leaders, and parents met Tuesday night to talk about the proposed club and how to stop it, Q13Fox reported. 

"I still have a baby in Tacoma schools. And if I have to take my baby out of Tacoma schools, I'm going to homeschool because they want to allow this stuff. I'll do that," he added.

Parents like Kiana Simpson have joined the protest efforts for fear that the club will spread to other schools, including where her children attend.

"We don't know who's teaching it, their motives behind it, it's not pure. You know children are innocent," she said.

Satan clubs have been popping up across the nation as a direct effort to counter Good News Club programs, which makes a clear presentation of the Gospel to children.

Jordan Lorence, with the Alliance Defending Freedom, said the creators of Satan clubs are just plain "jerks." 

"The people running new Satan Clubs to compete with Christian after school clubs don't actually believe in Satan. They just want to be jerks to people who do," he said.

Starr believes her club would level the playing field against what she calls fear tactics used by the Good News Club.

"It teaches kids are sinners and worthless and they're going to burn in hell for all eternity," she charges.

The Satanic Temple of Seattle will complete the official paperwork for the program by the end of November and hopes to start the club soon after. 

Christian parents say they will continue to pray and lobby the school district to stop it.

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