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Children Encouraged to Act Gay, Dress Like Muslims in Aussie School Program

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Students in Perth, Australia, are being introduced to a controversial new curriculum that encourages children to "explore" gender roles and dress up in religious clothing.

The curriculum is called the "Respect Relationships Program" and up to 10 schools will adopt it beginning in February.

The syllabus, which has been endorsed by the McGowen Government in Western Australia, teaches third grade students to break traditional gender norms through toys and games.

According to The Daily Mail, all students, boys and girls, will be taught to play dress up and interact with toys that are not traditionally meant for their gender. 

The curriculum also teaches multiculturalism by having the students dress up in Burkas, a traditional Islamic garment that covers the entire body except for the eyes. 

Ninth grade students are taught about a variety of sexual relationships, including "hooking up," "one-night stands," and "friends with benefits."

Peter Abetz, from the Australian Christian Lobby, told 9News Perth the program is indoctrination.

"It will indoctrinate children with the idea that they can choose to be a boy or a girl," he explained. "Why do boys need to get dressed up in girls' clothing? Let's get real about education."

Simone McGurk, the minister for Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence, praised the program for what he believes is its potential to curb violence between men and women.

"By introducing respectful relationships in schools, we can continue to implement cultural changes in attitudes towards family and domestic violence," she said. "Early interventions can be critical."

But even Prime Minister Scott Morrison isn't so sure of the program's benefits.

Morrison said during a recent radio show that he "didn't 'want the values of others being imposed on my children." 

The program was introduced in 2018 to more than a dozen Victorian schools.


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