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Cash-Rich Abortion Giant Received $80 Million Meant For Small Businesses Hurt by Pandemic

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is reporting 80 million dollars from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has gone to 37 Planned Parenthood affiliates.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is asking for the money back, saying none of those affiliates were eligible and they should have known that.

None of the PPP money was to go to branches of organizations with more than 500 workers.  Planned Parenthood has many more people on the payroll than that.

National Right to Life put the number at more than 16,000.   "The Paycheck Protection Program is designed to protect small businesses, not behemoth organizations with over 16,000 employees," stated National Right to Life President Carol Tobias.

Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford commented, “Planned Parenthood should immediately repay the American people the money they took from deserving small businesses and non-profits. Every dollar Planned Parenthood took from the Paycheck Protection Program was a dollar that did not get to legitimate small businesses that were eligible.”

The national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List said in a statement, “Across the country, Planned Parenthood refused to cease its abortion operation in the wake of the pandemic, hoarding personal protective equipment and putting its staff and women at risk. It is rich that they, in turn, feel entitled to taxpayer dollars meant to help businesses in need. After decades of feeding at the taxpayer’s trough while running the nation’s largest abortion operation, they have nearly two billion dollars in net assets.”

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio now heads up the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. He said, “Those funds must be returned immediately.  Furthermore, the SBA should open an investigation into how these loans were made in clear violation of the applicable affiliation rules and if Planned Parenthood, the banks, or staff at SBA knowingly violated the law. All appropriate legal options should be pursued.”

March for Life Action President Tom McCluskey stated, "The abortion giant is a multi-billion dollar industry that received over $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds over the last three years, reporting a gross profit of almost $245 million this past year alone. This is hardly an industry that needs bailing out. Planned Parenthood's self-serving actions prove that in this time of the COVID-19 crisis, they are concerned only with their own profit, garnered through preying on women and their unborn children and adding to the death toll of this pandemic."

The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) represents more than 1,500 pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation.  "Over the past few months, abortion industry advocates have repeatedly harassed nonprofit pregnancy centers about whether or not they have the right to apply for COVID-19 government relief programs," remarked NIFLA President Thomas Glessner, pointing out, "It is the height of irony that Planned Parenthood -- a multi-billion dollar industry that received over $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds over the last three years -- now feels entitled to taxpayer dollars meant to help small businesses and organizations in need.   The last thing Americans should fund with taxpayer dollars is the bailout of this corrupt, cash-rich abortion giant."


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