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Candace Cameron Bure's Daughter Takes the Stage at Christmas Eve Service

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Taking after her mother, Candace Cameron Bure's daughter has some talents of her own.

On Tuesday, the Christian Hollywood actress posted a video to Facebook of her daughter, Natasha, leading worship during Christmas Eve service at their church.

Cameron Bure shared the video proudly, posting: "Here is a video of my daughter Natasha singing at last night's Christmas Eve service my favorite song by Matthew West, Leaving Heaven."

Hundreds of people responded to the video, commenting and noting the similarities of the mother-daughter duo.

"Beautiful. I thought at first it was you, your twin!" posted one commenter.

Another writing, "Beautiful. Your daughter is as talented and cute as you are!"

Similar comments read, "Talent runs in the family!!" And, "She looks so much like you! She did a great job!"

Many also recognized the pride Cameron Bure must feel listening to her daughter sing on stage.

"Fills a mother's heart with pride and joy, knowing how much our children love God and aren't afraid to show the world."

Cameron Bure also shared a picture on Christmas Day of their family's annual tradition of cooking meals for a local shelter.

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