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CA Candidate Tweets 'We Should be Allowed to Shoot' Anyone Who Doesn't Take COVID Precautions Seriously

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A California congressional candidate publicly suggested on social media Monday that "We should be allowed to shoot" anyone who argues against taking precautions against COVID-19. 

The Western Journal reports Steve Cox, an independent candidate running to represent the Golden State's 39th Congressional District, was responding to conservative commentator Matt Walsh on Twitter, writing: "Whenever anyone says 'we all die from something' (or a variation thereof) to justify not taking precautions to help protect others in this pandemic, we should be allowed to shoot them."

In his tweet, Walsh was making a point about the current COVID confusion prevalent in the country, telling his followers that there are "lots of scary things out there" and to "stop cowering." He also reminded them to "live your life while you can."

"COVID is here to stay. You're going to get it. It almost certainly won't kill you but it could. You'll probably get cancer eventually too unless you die first. Lots of scary things out there. Death is certain. Suffering is unavoidable. Stop cowering. Live your life while you can," Walsh wrote.

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Twitter users reacted to Cox's response with disgust. 

One user asked the congressional candidate, "How long have you been a crazy person?"

Another user even reminded Cox he still had time to delete his tweet from the platform.   

In his commentary for the Western Journal, reporter Michael Austin pointed to the "coordinated pandemonium" coming from the mainstream media and the left, "you might think that COVID-19 remains one of the greatest existential threats facing American existence today."

"According to the Peterson Center on Healthcare, in June 2021, COVID-19 was just the seventh-leading cause of death in the U.S. Heart disease, cancer, accidents, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease and Alzheimer's disease all killed more people in June than COVID did," he noted. 

But Austin wrote that, according to Cox, anyone repeating those factual statistics deserves to be shot. 

Responding to Cox, Walsh tweeted: "Yes, let's shoot people who make basic observations about human mortality. This is not a psychotic response at all, Steve. Well done."

Austin also reminded his readers that the California candidate is not alone in his beliefs. 

"Leftists have infected the country with their COVID propaganda," he wrote. "Why has the left done this? It's largely because people are now more willing to give the government power over their lives." 

"But once the government has that power, it will never give it away," he added.

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