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'Brilliant Man of Light': What 1,000 Near Death Experiences Can Teach Us About Life After Death

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Everyone has thought about life after death at some point. But millions of people have gone beyond thinking about it to actually experiencing it.

One Gallup study shows millions of people have had "near-death experiences" that gave them a glimpse into the afterlife.

So what did they see?

Pastor and author John Burke has explored that question, by researching 1,000 of these near-death experiences, writing about them in a new book called Imagine Heaven

CBN News Reporter Lorie Johnson spoke with the New York Times bestselling author about what he learned. He talked about people who have experienced the afterlife encountering a "brilliant man of light."

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Burke contends it's clear from their descriptions that this man is, in fact, God, pointing out that those who believe in Jesus recognized the man as Jesus.

Each person said they had the remarkable sensation of being completely known and yet completely loved at the same time in the presence of the "man of light."

Burke also tells the story of a blind person who experienced the afterlife and was able to see for the first time ever. He observed a bright world where light was emanating from everything, just like the Bible describes the source of light in heaven. Click here to watch that clip.


These brushes with eternity have even made believers out of skeptics. Burke talks about skeptical doctors who became convinced about life after death, after hearing amazing stories from their patients.

Click here to watch a clip about a patient who was able to tell the hospital staff some remarkable details he could never have known about what happened while he was in the operating room.


While some patients experienced heaven, others were given a glimpse of hell. Overall, Burke said his research provides modern-day evidence for the biblical account of eternity.

So, where will you spend eternity? Click here to learn more about God's plan of salvation.


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