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Biden Vietnam Visit: 'Opportunity for Christians'

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After meeting with the big economic leaders at the G-20 Summit in India, President Biden is making a 24-hour milestone visit to Vietnam on September 10 upon the invitation of Vietnam’s communist party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

In Hanoi, the streets are very busy as usual, but the people here are aware that President Biden is coming to visit for the first time here in Vietnam. They describe it as quiet compared to past presidents' visits, where there was a lot of fanfare.

Many believe that this visit of President Biden will strengthen the partnership between the two countries, especially focusing on economic partnership, technology, and regional stability, especially amid the rising aggression of China in the disputed territories and for the churches. They believe that Biden’s visit will influence religious freedom …that there will be more religious freedom that they can enjoy here in Vietnam.

“I think this visit of Biden is a great opportunity for churches and the Christians to share their expectations and to show that Christians can make more impact to contribute to their country,” said one Christian man.

Taxi driver Ngo Nguyen also has an opinion on Biden’s visit.

“I think Vietnam should always remain neutral and not side with any big country. Not with America or Russia. I read the news that in November, after Biden, Putin will come to Vietnam. Vietnam should stay in the middle ground because during the war, Vietnamese soldiers were supported by Russians. And recently, Vietnam has done good trading with China,” Ngo explained.

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Lucille Talusan is the Asia Correspondent for CBN News.