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'Beyond The Backyard': Trail Life USA Invites Families to 3rd Annual 'Nationwide Campout' Beginning April 29

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Trail Life USA is hosting its 3rd annual "Nationwide Campout" and is encouraging people around the world to have an experience beyond their backyard. 

Families and troops can pitch tents, light campfires, roast marshmallows, and join in the adventure from April 29 to May 1.

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The Christ-centered scouting organization, which was founded in 2013 as an alternative to the Boy Scouts, inspires boys from Kindergarten through the 12th grade to become godly men. 

Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA, believes the outdoors creates a unique opportunity to teach young boys responsibility, forge leadership, and show them how to be courageous men of character.

"In Trail Life USA, boys are mentored by caring adults who intentionally equip them to rise to the occasion and lead in moments where preparation meets opportunity," Hancock told "As boys plan and lead in serving their community, solving problems, and experiencing adventure, they have the opportunity to learn from both their successes and mistakes. Boys come to realize that actions have consequences, that boundaries are put in place for a reason, and that absolute truths exist. As boys and men experience life together, life lessons are learned."

"As boys and men gather around the campfire and stories begin to be shared, truth comes to life and boys begin to 'get it,' Hancock continued, "The Bible is such a practical book, and at Trail Life, we talk about the Six Essential Concepts of a Christian Worldview which are solid, tangible concepts boys can grasp."

"Boys need a venue like Trail Life where they can rub shoulders with men, where leadership can be tested, where faith can be experienced, and truth can come to life," he added. 

Trail Life USA has existing troops in all 50 states with more than 39,000 members. 

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