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Americans Reject Big Government, 'Bad News' for Biden's Big Plans

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A new Gallup poll has revealed a big shift in American thinking, and it's so significant that even one pundit at a left-wing national media outlet called it "bad news for Joe Biden." 

The bottom line is this – most Americans don't approve of Biden's plans to grant big government even more control over our lives.

The new survey shows most Americans (52% of those polled) now believe the federal government is involved with too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses. The news comes as Biden's approval rating has also plummeted – more about that in a minute.

Only 43% want the government to do more to solve the country's problems. That's an 11% plunge from last year when Gallup noted a record-high 54% of U.S. adults wanted the government to do more. 

Gallup noted all-party groups (Republicans, Independents, and Democrats) are less likely now than a year ago to favor a more active government role, but it's the independents' opinions that have changed the most. Last year, 56% of independents wanted the government to do more to solve problems, compared with 38% now – a whopping 18% plunge.

In one year's time, the poll reflects a major shift in public opinion about the way the government is viewed by citizens. 

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In a recent news analysis, CNN Editor-at-large Chris Cillizza wrote, "Joe Biden, as I've written before, is a radical president. Especially when it comes to the role government can and should play in the lives of everyday Americans."

He explains that if Biden's policy agenda – from the $1 trillion infrastructure bill to the additional multi-trillion dollar social safety net legislation – would pass, it would "fundamentally alter the relationship we have with government."

"In short: The era of small government (such as it ever existed) would be over. The era of expansive government would begin," Cillizza wrote. 

But this latest Gallup poll reveals that most Americans don't approve of Biden's plans to grant big government even more control over our lives, he noted. 

Meanwhile, Biden's job approval rating as president is now down to a stunningly low 36%.  

His approval among the American people is "sinking like the Titanic," according to a recent Zogby poll reported by The Washington Examiner

In his op-ed, the outlet's columnist Paul Bedard pointed out, "Biden's falling numbers appear to have no end as he fumbles with the border crisis, a 13-year high in inflation, and the threat of empty toy shelves on Christmas Eve."

A new Zogby Poll shows Biden has hit 36%, another job performance low, with a 61% negative rating (42% poor and 19% fair combined). 

Pollster Jonathan Zogby of Zogby Analytics told the Examiner that a problem for Biden is that he appears unable to get his agenda through Congress as the economy is sinking and other critical issues, such as the border crisis, continue. 

"Voters can't help but wonder why the Biden administration keeps sweeping these issues under the rug and declaring them 'transitory.' Democratic leaders cannot even come to consensus within their own ranks," Zogby said in his analysis.

"Without the passage of the 'Build Back Better Act,' or a solid infrastructure bill, and the potential default of the U.S. debt on the horizon, is it any surprise Biden's presidency is sinking like the Titanic? Biden's failure to reach vaccination goals and his executive vaccine mandates have also not helped his cause," he added.

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