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'All for Your Glory Jesus!' Seahawks' Russell Wilson Gives Fans Inside Look at Faith, Life in NFL

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Christian football player Russell Wilson is giving fans a behind the scenes look into what life is like on the NFL football field. 

Wilson, who is quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, partnered up with West2East Empire to create a series of vlogs and pictures to share with fans on social media. The vlogs and pictures feature him doing everything from playing on the field, to getting a post-game massage, to visiting his favorite Seattle donut shop. 

"I'm pulling up to Top Pot right now...a donut place in Seattle and I've come here every Wednesday since my rookie year," he says in one vlog. 

However, Wilson does more than show his love for football and donuts, he also shows his love for God too. 

One picture shows him kneeling and leading his team in prayer on the football field. 

Wilson has been outspoken about his faith from the very beginning of his football career and he believes he plays for a higher purpose. 

"In terms of my faith I believe I'm here for a reason," he told CBN. "I believe God placed me in this city for a reason. That never wavers for me, I'm going to trust that the Lord's put me here. And I'm excited about the game. I'm excited about the moment. And hopefully it's the best 60 minutes of my life," says Wilson.

Wilson also uses his social media to bring glory to God, often tweeting scriptures and encouraging words. 



Wilson is also known for donating over $1 Million to the Seattle Children's hospital and other projects to help his local community.


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