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AFA Blasts Disney for Gay Activism in 'Beauty and the Beast'


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CBN News spoke with Walker Wildmon of the American Family Association about the controversy. Click on our video to hear his comments.

Disney is just days away from premiering its highly anticipated live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast," which the film's director has praised for including a gay character and a gay "moment."
Christian leaders and families have been concerned by those comments, with some even calling for a boycott.

The outrage over "Beauty and the Beast" came on the heels of Disney recently airing its first on-screen gay kiss on a children's cartoon show on TV.

"We are urging families not to watch Disney. There are many other channels you can watch, many other cartoons you can watch," says Walker Wildmon of the American Family Association.

Wildmon told CBN News this is about more than just one scene in one movie or one TV show.

"There's no doubt, Disney has been sneaking this in," he said, referring to a pro-gay agenda at the company.

The story about a gay theme was first revealed by "Beauty and the Beast" Director Bill Condon. He told a gay British magazine called Attitude that the movie features "a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie."

"By representing same-sex attraction in this short but explicitly gay scene, the studio is sending out a message that this is normal and natural," Attitude's editor-in-chief Matt Cain said.

Wildmon says parents need to take action, and not let big companies reshape our culture with unbiblical values.

"This is unnatural behavior. We have to be careful here because we cannot accept the premise that homosexuality is normal. Homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy, and not to mention unbiblical," he said.

AFA has launched a boycott of Target stores for its transgender bathroom policy. And while the group is not announcing an official boycott of Disney, Wildmon says families can have an impact by not paying to see "Beauty and the Beast," and by not turning on the Disney Channel.

After backlash erupted, Condon tried to downplay the small gay subplot involving a character named LeFou by saying, "I think (LeFou's sexuality) has been a little overstated."

CBN News reached out to The Walt Disney Company for comment. A company spokesperson has not yet responded to our inquiry.


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