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Activist Mommy's Viral Rant: 'I'm Not Gonna Celebrate Your Mental Disorder'

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Men identifying as six-year-old girls, women identifying as cats, and parents transitioning genders with their own children – every day brings another bizarre headline of identity confusion.

Now one mother is outraged about increasing societal pressure to normalize identity disorders and she's pushing back. 

"The Activist Mommy" has unleashed her new viral rant on Facebook, targeting gender dysphoria in America. 

Facebook has censored her in the past. Read more here: Facebook Apologizes for Censoring Christian Mom & Facebook Investigating After Christian Mom Says Media Giant Still Censors Her Page

She labels the current gender trend as "gobbledygook" that's getting out of hand. In the video she rattles off the ever-growing list of shocking new gender categories – it's a must see:

Otherwise known as Elizabeth Johnston, The Activist Mommy is not only a popular vlogger and speaker for controversial topics, but also a dedicated Christian. 

She and her husband, who is a medical doctor, speak at conferences and events, and lead a pro-life ministry to rescue children from abortion. 

She also homeschools her ten children. 

Her website, called "The Activist Mommy," includes a bio of herself where she says Jesus saved her at a young age to serve him.

"The pulse behind everything Elizabeth does is her love for Jesus Christ, who saved her from her sin during her teenage years and launched her on a very unpredictable journey of service to Him, which has included foreign missions, orphanage ministry, outreach to kids in troubled inner-city areas, backyard Bible clubs, street ministry, pro-life rescue ministry, public speaking, producing a movie, and homeschooling her ever-growing family," the website reads.

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