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Abortionist Testifies That Babies Likely Born Alive in Abortion to Harvest Their Body Parts for Sale

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Kaylee McGhee, the commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, appeared on Monday's edition of CBN's Newswatch to discuss the case against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.

Startling testimony has emerged from the preliminary hearing for undercover pro-life investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt that began on September 3. Daleiden and Merritt were charged in 2017 by the state of California with 15 felonies for secretly recording conversations they had with Planned Parenthood executives and representatives of the National Abortion Federation at a conference in 2014. 

These shocking undercover videos reveal various abortion doctors and staff discussing their efforts and techniques to preserve fetal organs in order to get the best price when sold for research. On one audio clip, an abortion consultant is heard saying that abortionists will dilate the cervix to get an intact baby if they know a researcher wants a whole body. A video shows a former medical director for Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles flippantly talking about prices of fetal remains while sipping wine and joking about wanting a "Lamborghini." She also spoke about adjusting abortion procedure technique to make it less "crunchy," therefore keeping baby body parts better intact, according to the Daily Wire.

LifeSiteNews reports one of the most dramatic testimonies that occurred near the end of the nine-day hearing. On Wednesday a doctor who says he's the longest-practicing abortionist in the country took the stand for the defense as an expert witness.

Dr. Forrest Smith, an OB-GYN in California who said he's performed at least 50,000 abortions, reviewed the undercover videos and was asked by the defense to assess whether the defendants' belief that babies were being born alive during abortions was reasonable.

Smith seemed an unlikely defense witness, saying when he first heard about the undercover videos on TV, he wanted to "expose Daleiden as a fraud."  But he changed his tune after he met Daleiden and saw the videos for himself. He testified that not only was Daleiden telling the truth, "he didn't know the half of what was going on."

According to LifeSiteNews, Smith testified that it is almost certain that some of the abortionists featured in the undercover videos deliberately altered abortion procedures in a way that led to the birth of living babies with beating hearts. This would help preserve intact organs, and also could put women at greater risk. 

One of the undercover videos showed a presentation by Alisa Goldberg at a 2014 Planned Parenthood conference, where she advocated using large doses of misoprostol, an abortion pill, to complete a second-trimester abortion in one day. Usually, this procedure is a two or three-day process where smaller doses are given to soften the cervix.
Smith said the one-day process with large doses would bring on "tumultuous labor" resulting in a "fetal expulsion," which is the baby coming out without the help of a doctor or instruments.

Smith testified that's likely what Perrin Larton, a procurement manager for fetal organ harvesters Advanced Bioscience Research, was referring to in one of the undercover videos where she talked about a "fetus falling out," according to LifeSiteNews.

Questioned by defense attorney Peter Breen as to whether this would lead to a live birth, Smith replied, "There's no question in my mind that at least some of these fetuses were live births." 

Judge Christopher Hite's ruling on whether the case will proceed to trial is expected within a month. Daleiden and Merritt, of course, hope the judge throws out the case against them. But if they do have to stand trial, the videos they recorded will receive even more scrutiny, and will be seen by more people, further exposing an abortion industry bent on increasing profits by trafficking in baby body parts. 


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