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'Abomination': After NY Abortion Celebration, These States Are Also Lining Up to Enshrine Abortion Access

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Faith leaders and others across the country are condemning New York's new abortion law that erases that state's previous limitations on abortion that restricted the procedure past 24 weeks.

In some cases, New York's Reproductive Health Act (RHA) even allows abortion up to the day of delivery.

Pro-life advocates point out that while the law is presented under the guise of protecting women's health, it permits late-term abortions of unborn babies who could otherwise survive outside the womb.

Southern Baptist spokesperson Russell Moore blasted those in favor of the NY law, saying, "Who could cheer the potential to stop the beating hearts of children who are in some cases – just weeks away from birth?"

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, said on Instagram: "Simply put, the RHA is an abomination."
"There must be political consequences for those who have chosen to endorse a culture of death over life," he continued. "I am calling upon all people of good faith to denounce this bill, especially all those who call New York their home."


The world is broken. I am personally deeply troubled by New York State’s passage of the so-called Reproductive Health Act (RHA) on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and we condemn this deeply disturbing and egregious bill in the strongest possible terms. Signed into law by Gov. Cuomo only hours after it was passed by the New York State Senate, this bill gives medical providers complete legal cover to kill – and that’s exactly what it is – fully-formed, fully viable, third trimester human babies, even up to the time of birth. Simply put, the RHA is an abomination. There must be political consequences for those who have chosen to endorse a culture of death over life. I am calling upon all people of good faith to denounce this bill, especially all those who call New York their home. But we must go further still. Our Christian community must speak with a unified voice. Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity. Today’s silence is tomorrow’s cry for help. The world is broken. It’s time for the church to rise up with truth and love, in Jesus name.

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New York is not alone in allowing late-term abortions, as CBN News reported Thursday. Click here to learn more about that.

However, new battles over abortion access are now underway across the nation, with states taking up laws on both sides of the issue.

In Maryland, lawmakers are expected to take up a state constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights in case they're weakened or overturned by the Supreme Court or federal government.

In Massachusetts, a bill has been introduced to ensure the right to an abortion and for doctors to perform them.

Meanwhile, on the pro-life side, Ohio's new Republican governor, Mike DeWine, may sign a "heartbeat bill" that would outlaw abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

And lawmakers in Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina and Florida have also drafted "heartbeat bills" for consideration this year.

The South Carolina and Florida bills would require testing for a fetal heartbeat before an abortion and would make it a felony to perform the procedure after a heartbeat was detected.

CBN News spoke with Alison Centofante of the pro-life organization Live Action. She says heartbeat bills could be an avenue to overturning Roe v. Wade at the US Supreme Court.

"They didn't have the technology that we have now. They didn't have ultrasound technology like we do. And legal scholars (contend)... again and again about how backwards and wrong Roe v. Wade was," she said. "So these heartbeat bills could be used to challenge the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade and restore the right of life to the pre-born child."  

For even more about incredible modern technology for babies, watch this LifeSite video from an obstetrician about why New York's late-term abortion law is so extreme:


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