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7 Prayer Tips from the Global Day of Prayer for the Coronavirus: 'It's Going to Take the Whole Church'

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As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in the US, two Christian leaders say believers should not only be prepared from a practical standpoint, they should also know how to pray. 

Pastor Mike Jacobs with Generals International, and his wife Cindy, called for a Global Day of Prayer for the Coronavirus, last Tuesday.

"After seeking wisdom and prophetic counsel from prophets across the nation and world, we believe strongly that since this is a worldwide issue, it's going to take the whole church to cry out together for the mercy and healing power of God to contain it," Cindy wrote on

Jacobs told CBN's "The Prayer Link" there are seven key points on that guides Christians on how to pray:

  • Pray Psalm 91 over your families and nation.
  • Pray against fear and remind ourselves that God has not given us a spirit of fear. 
  • Pray for wisdom for our leaders to contain the spread of the virus while protecting their people effectively.
  • Pray for courage for believers to share Jesus effectively through this time of crisis.
  • Pray for a worldwide move of God.
  • Make a decree that the coronavirus will cease worldwide, and that God will heal all who are currently affected by it.
  • Re-consecrate yourselves, your families, and your nation to God through the taking of communion.

Pastor Shawn Bolz, the host of Exploring the Industry on the CBN News Channel, believes that "the tide is turning now!"

"I believe God is going to do something," he told the Prayer Link. "I believe God is helping humanity right now to bring solutions, but I believe in preparedness."

"We have to pray as smart people. As people who actually care about living, as people who actually care about other people living," Bolz continued. "I think we should say that this is not our story in our generation. We should be praying for health, healing, and wisdom on how to navigate."

Bolz suggests that if you are sick, pray about if you should go into work, or if you are planning to go to a place with large crowds, pray about if you should attend that event. 
"This thing infects three or four people per person that has it and it can go really fast. Praying about where to go and where not to go. Praying about if you are supposed to take a flight...I think we just have to use wisdom, prayer, and discernment," he added. 

Jacobs suggested that Christians should not discount studying the Word at a time like this. 

"I would suggest to people that one of the best vaccines in the world is the Word of God because there will be other different things that will try to come to attack you physically and you have to be able to be up on your Word and in your faith to be able to deal with them," he said.

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