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13 Churches Robbed in This Oklahoma Town – Who's Doing It?


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Churches are being targeted by thieves in one Oklahoma town, with at least 13 churches in Enid robbed since early July.

"We take the victimization of our local churches very seriously," Enid police Lt. Tim Jacobi said.

Four churches were robbed this week alone as the thieves kicked in doors or pried them open, stealing bank bags, lock boxes and safes.

"During most of these burglaries, they are looking specifically for money and so they are targeting the office area of the churches," Jacobi said.

Police in Enid are asking for the public's help to stop the burglary spree.

Trinity Baptist Church, one of the victims of the thieves, is hoping to put the fear of God into the perpetrators.

The church has since posted a sign which says, "God Saw You Do It!"

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