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What a Trump Presidency Would Look Like: Nominee Talks with Pat Robertson

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After a grueling campaign season, Donald Trump is finally just days away from officially being named the 2016 Republican nominee.

This week, Trump sat down for an exclusive interview with CBN founder Dr. Pat Robertson to discuss what a Trump presidency might look like.

Watch the entire interview with Dr. Robertson above.

Robertson questioned the candidate on his tax plan, cabinet picks, and what he makes of his competitor Hillary Clinton's ongoing email issues.

On Monday, House Republicans formally asked the Justice Department to investigate the former secretary of state to determine if she lied to Congress about her handling of classified information.

"Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself for her email scandal," Trump told Robertson. "They caught her in lies, they caught her in deceit, they caught her with the emails -- 30,000 of them. Forget about everything else. Thirty-thousand are missing; nobody even talks about it. They're missing - she wiped clean, nobody even talks about it. The whole thing is so disgraceful."

When asked if he thinks he'll do well with Hispanic voters, Trump replied confidently.

"I have great relationships with Hispanics, with Mexicans," Trump said. "I don't know if you've seen, but the last poll came out, I was at 33 percent, which is six points ahead of Romney - who frankly should have won four years ago. Something happened to him -- but I was points ahead with the Hispanics of Romney."

"I think I'm going to do really well," he continued. "People who are here legally don't want their jobs taken away by people that cross over illegally. They don't want their houses taken away, they want to get a good education, they want to be properly taken care of and they want to work hard."

Trump also discussed his upcoming running mate announcement, which he is expected to make any day now.

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