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This Week's Show: Exclusive Interview with Vice President Mike Pence, plus How Americans Came to Choose Donald Trump


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Click Above to Watch This Week's Show. 

CBN News Showcase highlights several of the important news stories of the week or stories of faith and what God is doing in the world. It is also an opportunity for you to join our anchors in praying over the headlines and praying for our nation and the world. 

On this week's showcase: Vice President Mike Pence sat down with CBN News' David Brody for an exclusive interview.  They discussed several topics looking at the first year of the new administration in the White House.

One big topic of conversation was Israel and the Middle East. The vice president also talks about the administration's stance on Israel and America's role in protecting persecuted Christians around the globe.

Plus, how did the American people come to choose Donald Trump? CBN News speaks with author Stephen Mansfield.

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