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Voter Group Tries to Register Dead Son of GA Secretary of State Prompting Multiple Investigations

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Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced he's launching multiple investigations into groups or individuals trying to fraudulently register people to vote before the state's Senate runoff election.

In one instance, a group that's been highly praised by the mainstream media tried to register his own dead son to vote. Democrat Stacey Abrams' group, The New Georgia Project, was founded in 2014 prior to her run for governor against Brian Kemp, WGCL-TV reports.

"Here's something that came to my house yesterday, we got three of them, all from the same organization and it's to my son Brenton J. Raffensperger who passed away two years ago," the secretary of state said.

Raffensperger said letters prompting a deceased person to vote are evidence that third-party voter registration organizations are pushing illegal voting. 

An investigation into the activities of The New Georgia Project, America Votes, and Vote Forward is underway.

"Make no mistake, individuals who attempt to undermine the integrity of Georgia's elections will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," said Secretary Raffensperger. "Those who move to Georgia just to vote in the Senate runoffs with no intention of staying are committing a felony that is punishable with jail time and hefty fines. They will be found, they will be investigated, and they will be punished."

And Raffensperger has cautioned people against violating the rules of voting.

"I have issued clear warnings several times to groups and individuals working to undermine the integrity of elections in Georgia through false and fraudulent registrations," he said. "The security of Georgia's elections is of the utmost importance."

False registration in the state of Georgia is a felony and penalties include one and ten years in prison, and/or up-to a $100,000 fine. 

Since November, Georgians, and people around the US say they've received voter registration solicitations from The New Georgia Project addressed to non-residents of Georgia and people who have passed away. 

One Fulton County resident revealed that five postcards, urging registration "for the same dead person," came from The New Georgia Project. A Cherokee County resident received a voter registration card from the same organization for his spouse who is not an eligible voter. 

Another individual said The New Georgia Project sent a solicitation to his daughter who is ineligible to vote in the state of Georgia, while a fourth complainant said a "package of postcards" came to her residence in New York City from The New Georgia Project. The cards encouraged voters to participate in the Georgia Senate runoffs.

Another shocking attempt to compromise the voting system came from Operation New Voter Registration GA, which encouraged unqualified Emory students to register to vote in the Jan. 5 runoffs. A letter from the organization advised students that their "current residence can be another state. You are simply changing your state of residence now; and it can be switched back for future elections (your option)." 

Raffensperger declared there is tangible proof of election fraud and a probe is underway.

"We have received specific evidence that these groups have solicited voter registrations from ineligible individuals who have passed away or live out of state," he said. "I will investigate these claims thoroughly and take action against anyone attempting to undermine our elections."

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