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'There's Prayer on a Regular Basis in This White House': Mike Pence Reveals Faith Behind the Scenes

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WASHINGTON – After President Donald Trump held a celebration for the National Day of Prayer in the Rose Garden, and signed an executive order setting up a new faith-based office, Vice President Mike Pence did an interview with CBN News' David Brody – in his office.

The new executive order expands upon a religious freedom executive order signed last year. Vice President Pence says it makes sure all levels of the federal government are partnering with faith-based groups on various federal programs.

"This is really about making sure that as we develop policies for the country, that we are always making room for those inalienable rights, the free exercise of religion that Americans cherish," the vice president explained.

While the White House faith initiative is making headlines, it's what's happening behind the scenes inside the White House that is having quite a bit of spiritual impact.

For a while now, CBN News has reported how evangelical Christians have unprecedented direct access with President Trump. It has led to input on policy and consistent prayer among Cabinet members. Pence says there is prayer going on inside the White House all the time, not only on the National Day of Prayer.

"There's prayer going on on a regular basis in this White House. And it's one of the most meaningful things to me, whether it's public meetings or not, I've lost count of the number of times that the president has nudged me, or nudged another member of the Cabinet and said, 'Let's start this meeting with prayer,'" he told Brody.

Watch Pence's comments to CBN's David Brody on prayer in the White House

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Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem

Praying for peace in Jerusalem is also on the hearts and minds of evangelicals. The administration is preparing for the new embassy in Jerusalem to open later in May. Mr. Pence said he recently saw photographs of some of the finishing touches being put on, and he says the White House is still finalizing plans about the American delegation.

"When we open the American Embassy in Jerusalem, we will in a very real sense end this historic friction, we'll embrace reality," the vice president said. "And President Trump and I believe that in doing that, that peace in the region becomes more possible."

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One of the biggest threats to Israel is Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently pointed to thousands of Iranian documents showing how he says Iran had been lying for years about the extent of its nuclear program. This comes as President Trump is prepared to decide whether the United States should essentially pull out of the current Iran nuclear deal.

Pence says the United States has confirmed the authenticity of the materials that Israel obtained.

"Despite what Iran said for years, (that) they had never attempted to develop a nuclear weapon, clearly here are volumes of evidence that prove that Iran was in a headlong rush up unto and past the beginning of the 21st Century to develop a nuclear weapon," the vice president said. "And that is obviously going to color our evaluation of the Iran nuclear deal."

Pence on Attacks from Joy Behar, Michelle Wolf

CBN News also asked Pence about yet another comedian going after him for his beliefs.

Last time, it was Joy Behar of "The View". This time, it was Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, criticizing Vice President Pence's pro-life views.

Pence brushed it off.

Watch Pence respond to on the controversy following comedian Michelle Wolf's comedy "speech" at the White House Correspondent Association dinner last weekend.

"I'm pro-life and I don't apologize for it," he said. "It comes with the territory. As the Bible says, I count it all joy when I endure trials or criticisms."

The vice president says he and President Trump are remaining focused on their goals for the administration and the American people.

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