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'Prayers Are a Pathway to Heal Our Country': CBN News Follows VP Pence on Final Push for Prayers and Votes

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On this Election Day, Vice President Mike Pence tells CBN News he believes Republicans will expand their majority in the Senate and keep the House. He made that confident prediction as we were traveling with him on Air Force Two for his final push to get out the vote. 
With his wife Karen by his side, we spent the final hours of these midterms hearing an optimistic vice president as he traveled across the country all the way to Montana and South Dakota.
The crowds were enthusiastic... as was the VP.
When CBN News traveled on Air Force One with President Trump the other day, he told us the so-called "blue wave" is dead. Pence couldn't agree more.

"Well, we think the blue wave is going to hit a red wall, all across this country," he said. "I think we are going to expand our majority in the United States Senate. And I really believe we are going to hold the House of Representatives."
First stop, Montana, where the goal is to defeat a Senate Democrat living in big sky Trump country. That's where Sen. John Tester (D) is facing a tough fight from his Republican challenger.

"We think Matt Rosendale is in a great position to win this race," Pence said. "John Tester has been voting with the liberal agenda United States Senate every step of the way. He voted 90 percent of the time with President Obama's agenda. That's not Montana."
Pence's final pitch to voters is pretty simple and to the point.
"Think about 4.5 million new jobs created, unemployment at a 50-year low, we're rebuilding our military, Constitutional conservatives are being appointed to our courts, and that's exactly what the president and I told the American people we would do, ‪and the Democrats by contrast, it's been an agenda of obstruction," Pence said.
But Democrats are fired up and turned off by this administration's policies –  immigration is close to the top of the list. Still, Pence says the Trump administration won't back down on border security.

"We have a crisis of illegal immigration at our southern border. This caravan that's moving north is deeply concerning to people all across this country, I hear about it every day. It's the reason why the President has made it clear that the caravan will not be allowed to enter country, illegally. And we're taking decisive steps to administratively close the loopholes that human traffickers use to exploit vulnerable families and entice them to take the long and dangerous journey north."
Motivating the faithful base is Pence's main chore. If Republicans do well Tuesday night, Pence is pretty clear that the non-stop effort from President Trump will be a main reason.
"Even though he's not on the ballot, he's campaigned as though we were. I think that's the reason why we've seen such energy around the country," he said. "To be honest with you, David, as I've traveled around the country, I haven't seen this level of enthusiasm since the days just before the 2016 campaign."
Whatever happens Tuesday night, Mike Pence sees a larger hand at work in the country... God using imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will. 

"I believe as every President from George Washington forward believed in the role of Providence in the life of this nation," he said. "I really do believe the prayers of the American people have made a difference. And even in these divided times, I do believe those prayers are a pathway to heal our country and continue to move our nation forward."
The nation will soon find out what direction that means for the next two years.  


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