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Plunder, Deceit: Next Generation in the Crosshairs

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WASHINGTON – Mark Levin has done it again. The popular radio show host has hit No. 1 on the New York Times best-selling list with his new book, Plunder and Deceit.

CBN's David Brody recently spoke with Levin for a closer look at his latest message to the masses.

Levin's Warning to America

On the radio, Levin pulls no punches with his millions of listeners. And as an author, he's fighting mad too.

In Plunder and Deceit, he issues a strong, clear warning for America, taking direct aim at what he sees at the threat posed by a growing, powerful federal government.

"It's transitioning into something more oppressive, more coercive and it's transitioning into something that is not constitutional," Levin said.

Levin said it's the next generation that will be in the crosshairs. That's the focus of the book: a clinical factual dissection of how liberal federal government policies - be they social, environmental or economic - are ruining the future.

"Future generations don't vote. They don't exist yet so they keep stealing from them," he charged. "They keep robbing from them, which means they are going to have limited liberty; they're going to have limited opportunity, limited wealth creation and we're spending it all today."

"This is something really unbelievable, that we are stealing from unborn babies, Lord knows how far into the future, their future," he said.

Social Security Crisis

Just one of Levin's examples of the dangers America and the next generation face: Social Security.

The long-time entitlement program needs structural changes to survive, and while solutions to change it have been around for years, nothing is being done.

Not only that - Levin also lays out the case that Social Security is already technically bankrupt.

"I don't even think people who receive these benefits know what's going on," Levin said. "Many of them don't know that the money doesn't exist."

"All that money that they paid into the system, there is no system," he continued. "That money was taken and spent the second it was taken on other government projects, on other government programs."

Call to Action

So where does this leave the next generation? What can be done?

"How do you get younger Americans, the next generation involved in these issues and to take notice of what's going on in this country?" Brody asked Levin.

"One at a time," he replied. "There are millions and millions of parents and grandparents who know exactly what I'm talking about and they're worried about what's going on in this country."

"They know like I know intuitively and through intellect that the country is headed in a very bad place and it's moving there very, very quickly," he warned.

Levin sees Plunder and Deceit as a pamphlet to equip communities with facts they will hopefully share with others in a variety of settings.

"In the home, during the holidays, at the dinner table, at the breakfast table, when you are putting your kids to bed – those are the circumstances," he said. "We as parents and grandparents have more influence on our children and grandchildren than we can possibly know."

Levin believes change won't come from Washington. Just like in Revolutionary War days, change comes from "we the people" because he believes ideas stir up action - and lead to consequences.

"I think tens of millions of us are extremely concerned about where this country is going," Levin told CBN News. "Maybe we are in the majority; maybe we're not – I don't know – but there are tens of millions of us and that's a big army of people."

"If thousands of us – not even millions of us, let alone tens of millions of us – really take this seriously, you don't know where we can go with this because in this great country there are many great people who will do many great things," he said.

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