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Kayleigh McEnany on Next President: 'I Think It's Really Anyone's Guess Where This Goes'

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President Trump's legal strategy is in full gear. There are lawsuits galore, from Georgia to Michigan, from Nevada to Pennsylvania. There's a myriad of allegations related to voter fraud and irregularities. Kayleigh McEnany, speaking as a campaign advisor to President Trump, says they need time to bring out the real truth. 

"All we are saying is let's press pause, allow us to look, allow the courts to look at what happened, and then we can move forward united as a country," McEnany tells CBN's David Brody. "We believe asking for transparency should be a good thing. It's amazing with the Democrats; they tried to delegitimize the 2016 election for four years. All we're asking is for transparency and we have the media attacking us simply for asking to put light on the system."   
The state of Pennsylvania is receiving extra special attention. "You have people like the (Pennsylvania) secretary of state, an avowed anti-Trump individual who's out there and saying, we're going to move Election Day to three days after the election in Pennsylvania by accepting ballots that come in three days later, and setting up disparate systems," McEnany says. "Our lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleges equal protection issues, that in a place like Philadelphia, they were finding out which ballots did not have secrecy envelopes, contacting those voters in a predominantly blue county, allowing them to, 'cure' their ballots, come in and vote provisionally, and no red counties were doing the same."  
McEnany also says they've collected evidence of alleged wrongdoing in Michigan. "There are affidavits, I have them here," as McEnany holds up a stack of papers. "There are 131 of them, attestations to voter fraud; one, in fact, was a city election official who worked there for decades, who says that they were telling voters to vote for Joe Biden, encouraging them to backdate ballots."
But what does she say to the critics who don't believe there is enough widespread voter fraud to overturn tens of thousands of ballots in multiple states? 

"We do have several attestations, to witnesses of voter fraud, we can't even begin to see how deep this goes until our poll watchers are allowed in the building," she tells CBN's David Brody. "We know that with 680,000 ballots and in Pennsylvania, our poll watchers weren't there to watch, so until we get a look meaningful access into these ballots, we won't truly be able to see how far it goes. But to me, the systemic issue, the most important issue, David, is this equal protection provision, and it goes widespread."  
Democrats and much of the media are highly skeptical, yet McEnany calls this a political strategy by Democrats. "If you are against looking at voter eligibility, making sure the voting rolls don't have dead people on them, making sure that everyone there is a live active voter, if you are against making sure that signatures are verified and double-checked, then you are welcoming voter fraud," McEnany says. "You are welcoming it by asking for the converse, which is exactly what Democrats have done in several states across the country."   
Of course, the big question everyone wants to know is how does this all end? "I think at this point, it probably will make its way up to the Supreme Court right now," she says. "We're at the district court level, and we will see how they roll in Pennsylvania, in our upcoming lawsuits here and in Michigan and elsewhere. I think it's really anyone's guess where this goes." 

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