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'He's a Very Devout Christian': Why Pompeo Is Perfect Pick for Secretary of State

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WASHINGTON – Despite skepticism over the latest White House cabinet shakeup, observers say CIA chief Mike Pompeo's replacement of Rex Tillerson as secretary of state will likely have a positive effect on US foreign policy.

"This is actually a very good change and the timing of it couldn't have been any better," CBN News National Security Correspondent Erik Rosales said.  

"We're dealing with tariffs right now; we're dealing with the negotiations that are taking place with North Korea. That's something that Tillerson was never on the table with," he explained.

Rosales also noted that Pompeo and President Donald Trump are on the same page when it comes to the Iran nuclear deal, regarding it as a bad bargain for the US that "only favored Iran and the increase of nuclear arms in the area."

And unlike Tillerson, who previously served as Exxon Mobile's CEO, Rosales notes that Pompeo's CIA background gives him more of an insider's perspective.

"And that's good for bringing someone who actually knows the area well, whose CEO background is gonna be able to help him not only work with other foreign dignitaries, but he also knows the inner workings of those foreign countries," he explained.

Rosales predicts people of faith will also have cause to celebrate as Pompeo is a devout Christian.

"It's a tremendous pick for evangelical Christians. He's a very devout Christian. He actually even held a Bible study inside the White House," Rosales said.

He noted that Pompeo is also very pro-Israel.

"It was just last February when he met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas about trying to get (peace) negotiations with Israel," Rosales said.

With Pompeo already having been confirmed by the Senate for his current role at the CIA, it's highly likely he'll gain congressional approval for the State Department position as well.

"I think he will get confirmed without a doubt," Rosales predicted. "It's a process the Democrats are really going to scrutinize, but I believe in the end, he will be confirmed."

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Mr. Lane currently serves as International News Director and Senior International Correspondent for CBN News. He has traveled to more than 120 countries—many of them restricted nations or areas hostile to Christianity and other minority faiths where he has interviewed persecution victims and has provided video reports and analysis for CBN News. Also, he has provided written stories and has served as a consultant for the Voice of the Martyrs. Gary joined The Christian Broadcasting Network in 1984 as the first full-time Middle East Correspondent for CBN News. Based in Jerusalem, Gary produced