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Graphic Abortion Pictures Could Fly Overhead Near You Soon


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The pro-life organization Created Equal hopes graphic pictures of aborted babies will convince people in swing states to vote pro-life in the upcoming presidential election.

Director Mark Harrington told CBN News because their group is non-profit, they cannot publicly endorse any particular candidate. However, Created Equal does work to convince voters to lean toward whichever candidate they feel will best protect the lives of the unborn.

"We are facing the most important election of my lifetime. Our nation's fate and the lives of millions of preborn children hangs in the balance this election," Harrington explained. "2016 is a turning point for America. We are on the streets, on the road, and in the air. Our comprehensive outreach campaign will educate thousands of voters in battleground states."

Created Equal plans to fly large pictures of aborted babies behind airplanes over heavily populated areas such as college football games in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

They also plan to display the images of aborted babies on large screen jumbotrons and on mobile billboards that will be driven through the streets of urban areas. 

To those who are put off by the pictures, Harrington explains, "We believe that there's a double standard out there. You can show all kinds of other horrifying images, but you can't show abortion."

"We're not going to accept that," he said. "It's working. We've got people talking, debating it, and people won't forget these pictures once they see them."

Harrington says his organization is targeting Millennials in particular, some of whom are unaware of what abortion really entails.

This initiative follows a bid earlier this year targeting delegates and party leadership during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to keep pro-life planks in the party platform.

Created Equal also confronted the attendees at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia about their party's support of abortion practices. 

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