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Fueled by Faith, Mike Pompeo Might Be About to Seek a New Addition to His Top-Notch Resume

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When it comes to stellar resumes, Mike Pompeo's is hard to beat: first in his class at West Point; a law degree from Harvard; a United States Congressman; CIA Director; Secretary of State and quite possibly, a presidential candidate in 2024. He's seriously considering it.

"Susan and I are thinking, praying, trying to figure out if this is the next place to go serve, but we haven't come to that conclusion," Pompeo told CBS News. "We'll figure it out in the next handful of months."

Ever since serving to the very end of the Trump administration, Pompeo has been showing up regularly in the key early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Currently, he's out with a new book called, Never Give an Inch about his time at the White House. The book is no-nonsense, just like the author, detailing many of his relationships with heads of state from all around the world including a surprise interaction with Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

As for President Trump, Pompeo writes plenty of kind words although he dishes criticism toward entrenched Washington bureaucrats and certain former administration officials like John Bolton and Nikki Haley, who's expected to announce her run for the presidency later this month.

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Pompeo, a former Sunday School Teacher, is an outspoken Christian. He spoke about his journey to Christ when CBN News interviewed him back in 2019.

"I grew up going to church on Sundays, but frankly it wasn't a priority in my life growing up," Pompeo told CBN News at the time. "I went off to West Point, and as a young cadet, during my freshman year, there were two young men who were juniors who were true men of faith. And they held these little Bible study/cookie klatches on Sunday afternoons and they invited all the cadets to see – it was purely voluntary...I started showing up – truly remarkable," Pompeo explained.

That's when it clicked for him. "I started going to church every weekend on my own because I wanted to be there to learn and to grow. And at some point during that first year, I really did come to have an understanding of Jesus that was different than the one that I had before. It fundamentally changed my life."

If Pompeo decides to take the 2024 presidential plunge, he'll be able to offer voters a resume filled to the brim with major accomplishments, but he'll be the first to admit that it is his faith that has kept him centered all these years. As CIA Director, he attended regular Bible studies and as Secretary of State, he hosted the State Department's first worldwide conference on religious freedom.

He also made faith part of his first major speech as the country's top diplomat during a visit to Cairo, Egypt. "We're all children of Abraham: Christians, Muslims, Jews," Pompeo said. "In my office, I keep a Bible open on my desk to remind me of God and his word, and the truth."

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