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Biden Escalates His Trans Agenda on 'Transgender Day of Visibility' - Here's What He's Already Done

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President Joe Biden is marking the "International Transgender Day of Visibility" by praising transgender Americans and accusing numerous U.S. states of "dangerous" attacks on transgender people.

Biden on Thursday announced new pro-transgender federal measures, including a new "X" gender marker on U.S. passport applications beginning on April 11 and new Transportation Security Administration scanners that are gender-neutral.

He's also expanding the availability of the "X" gender marker for airlines and federal travel programs and will make it easier for transgender people to change their gender information in Social Security Administration records.

Visitors to the White House will soon also be able to select an "X" gender marker option in the White House Worker and Visitor Entry System, which is used to conduct screening background checks for visitors to the executive mansion.

"Transgender Americans continue to face discrimination, harassment, and barriers to opportunity," Biden said in a proclamation. "In the past year, hundreds of anti-transgender bills in States were proposed across America, most of them targeting transgender kids. The onslaught has continued this year. These bills are wrong."

The president is referring to bills passed in multiple states that defend parental rights, protect the rights of female athletes, and protect children from irreversible "sex-change" surgeries and puberty-blockers.

Oklahoma and Arizona's governors signed laws on Wednesday to prevent transgender athletes from dominating girls' sports, joining more than a dozen other states with similar laws.

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As CBN News has reported, since Biden took office his administration has taken dramatic steps to promote the LGBTQ+ agenda in areas ranging from surgeries to sports to bathrooms and prisons. 

Put Biological Men Who Identify as Women in Female Prisons

For example, last month, the Justice Department released new rules to allow biological men who identify as women to be incarcerated at federal prisons with female inmates. 

The Federal Bureau of Prisons released its updated 14-page Transgender Offender Manual last month. The declared purpose of the amended manual is "to ensure the Bureau of Prisons (Bureau) properly identifies, tracks, and provides services to the transgender population."

New 'X' Passport Issued for People Who Identify as Transgender or Intersex

The State Department already issued its first passport with an "X" designation for the passport holder's gender last October. It's part of a new policy that allows anyone to change the gender on their passport with no medical certification required. The three choices: male, female, or "X." The "X" designation is designed for people who identify as transgender or intersex – those born with both male and female characteristics.

The historic move showed the full force of the transgender movement. "Irreversible Damage" author Abigail Shrier called it "one of the clearest indications that gender ideology has infiltrated the highest levels of the federal government."

Christian Employers Challenge Biden Admin Gender-Transition Mandates 

The Christian Employers Alliance filed suit in federal court last fall, challenging two Biden administration mandates that force religious nonprofit and for-profit employers to pay for or perform gender transition surgeries, procedures, counseling, and treatments in violation of their religious beliefs

"Many religious employers – including the Christian Employers Alliance and all of its members – hold sincere beliefs that gender transition surgeries and procedures are morally wrong and contradict their beliefs that God purposefully created humans as either a biological male or female and that a person's biological sex is immutable," said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Matt Bowman. 

Christian Schools, Female Athletes Fight Biden's Trans Mandate, Citing Women's Rights and Privacy

Several female student-athletes and an organization representing 3,000 U.S. Christian schools asked a federal district court last fall to let them join a lawsuit fighting for women's rights and privacy. The suit challenges a move by Biden to allow biological males to compete on women's athletic teams while also granting them access to female locker rooms and bathrooms.

As CBN News has reported, 20 state attorneys general, led by the state of Tennessee, sued the Biden administration in late August, seeking to stop his LGBTQ mandates that range from transgender individuals participating in school sports to the use of school and workplace bathrooms that align with a person's gender identity.

3,000 Medical Professionals in Tennessee Sue Biden Admin for 'Transgender Mandate' 

The number of doctors and medical professionals filing legal action against the Biden administration over its Transgender Mandate continues to grow. The directive would force doctors to perform gender-transitioning procedures on patients even if the procedure violates a doctor's medical judgment or religious beliefs.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys, representing 3,000 doctors and medical professionals from the American College of Pediatricians, Catholic Medical Associates, and an OB-GYN doctor who specializes in caring for adolescents, are challenging the mandate in a lawsuit filed last September with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The suit cites medical professionals objecting to performing such procedures, especially on children. 

Second Court Blocks Biden from Forcing Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Trans Surgeries

Last August, a federal court in Texas blocked a controversial Biden Transgender Mandate which would force religious doctors and hospitals to perform gender transition procedures on their patients—including children—even when the procedures can be medically harmful. 

The case of Franciscan Alliance v. Becerra was brought by a religious hospital, an association of more than 20,000 healthcare professionals, and nine states, and it is now the second court ruling blocking the administration from enforcing the policy. 

In his decision, U.S. District Court Judge Reed O'Connor granted a permanent injunction to the Christian plaintiffs "to be exempt from the government's requirement to perform abortions and gender-transition procedures."

As CBN News has reported, back in 2016, former President Barack Obama's administration issued a mandate that applied to nearly every doctor in the country — interpreting the Affordable Care Act to force them to perform gender transition procedures on any patient, including children, even if the doctor believed the procedure could harm the patient. Doctors who refused to violate their medical judgment would face severe consequences, including financial penalties and private lawsuits. 

Several religious organizations and states sued the federal government, challenging the legality of the mandate in multiple courts. In 2016, a federal court in North Dakota put the rule on hold, and in 2019 another federal court in Texas struck it down. 

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