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'Bend the Arc of History Toward Freedom': House Freedom Caucus Explains Mission to Defend the Forgotten

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The dividing lines on Capitol Hill are typically red and blue, but within each party are caucuses championing causes that span the political spectrum. The House Freedom Caucus is hoping to leverage their caucus power this session.

The invite-only group was at the forefront of multiple rounds of disputed votes that eventually saw Kevin McCarthy elected House Speaker. Many members took part in the negotiating process before they pledged their support for the new Republican leader of the House. 

In the process, some Freedom Caucus members won key committee assignments and amended House rules. A prominent rule change now allows for any member of the House to call for a vote to remove the House Speaker. 

Caucus member Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) wouldn't describe it as chaotic, but rather empowering individual House members. 

"What we have done is we opened up so everyone has the opportunity. That's what I think happened here. I hate to use the term democratize but I think we kind of democratized and decentralized some power so that everyone has the chance to participate," he told CBN. 

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A slim Republican majority in the House means almost all party members need to be on board for legislation, or Democrats could feasibly block bills. That means a group within the GOP like the Freedom Caucus can have more control. 

"Instead of wielding power, Kevin now has got to lead, and he can drive the ship, but on the same token everyone has a bit of say and everyone gets to row the way they want to," said Rep. Biggs. 

Prominent Freedom Caucus member Jim Jordan (R-OH), a staunch McCarthy supporter, split from others in the group by supporting McCarthy from the beginning. 

He now chairs the Judiciary Committee and the newly created Weaponization of Government subcommittee.  He also believes the infighting made for a strong party and Freedom Caucus.

"I think it's an important group and has been. Remember the mission statement of the group is we think there are countless numbers of families who feel like this town has forgotten them. Our job in the Freedom Caucus is to remember them, fight for them, and do what we told them we were going to do," he told CBN News. 

To other Republicans, the party isn't defined by one group, but by the principle that the GOP can govern independently.

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"I think we have a clarity of purpose and a deep understanding that we need to work together to move this country in the right direction, to bend the arc of history toward freedom, and we're doing it in a more unified fashion than I've ever seen. I don't want to say it's all kumbaya, but the 20 holdouts and the 200 Kevin McCarthy supporters are working together very, very well," said Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD). 

It's unknown how much muscle the HFC could flex over the next two years, although it's abundantly clear they will have a say. Some of their power could be tested in the near future as the fight over raising a debt ceiling looms. Many members are looking to cut spending as part of any debt ceiling deal. 

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