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Wycliffe Associates Reports More New Bible Translations in 2020 Than Any Other Year, Despite Pandemic

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For more than 50 years, Wycliffe Associates has aimed to give people the Word of God in their own language. The organization announced on Monday that it saw the completion of more Bible translations in 2020 than in any other single year, despite obstacles created by COVID.

Wycliffe Associates said in a press release that New Testament translations were completed in 141 languages in 2020, and 8 new languages have completed translations of the Old Testament.

"Instead of slowing down because of COVID-19, for some national Bible translators, translation has actually accelerated," says Tim Neu, Interim President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates. "I've been humbled to see how believers in difficult areas, some in places of intense persecution and real danger, have been absolutely unwavering in their dedication to the cause." 

The group claims that advancements in technology made it possible for them to offer online methods last year and virtual Bible translation events, allowing translators to interact with others throughout the process.

"COVID lockdowns kept Bible translators home," says Neu, "but our online Bible translation system enabled many to continue their work together."

The ministry is committed to bringing Bible translation throughout the world and is working to provide a Bible in every language by 2025.

Wycliffe Associates was founded in 1967 to advance the work of Bible translation. The organization enables national Bible translators to bring God's Word to their own language and partners with the local churches to support their initiative.

Staff members and volunteers for the ministry are currently advancing Bible translations in 68 countries.

Note: Wycliffe Associates is a separate organization from Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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