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'We're Teaching Children That Life Doesn't Matter': Actress Says Public Education Is Hurting Kids

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Actress and author Sam Sorbo may be known for her role as Hercules' wife on the show Hercules, but now she's using her platform to speak out about the dangers of the public education system and the importance of home schooling.

"Education colors your world view right from the get go," she said in an interview with's "Pure Talk."

"Right now we're teaching children that life doesn't matter, that life is just a series of accidents and evolution is true," Sorbo added.

"There still is no proof that evolution is true. In fact, in Darwin's book he says he still lacked proof and haven't found it in the last hundred years or whatever."

That's one reason why she and husband Kevin Sorbo chose to home school their three children.

"I am a strong advocate for home education. What I've realized in the past short while is that home education is less about education and more about relation. And so you have this relationship with your children that you simply cannot have if you're sending your children away from you for eight hours a day," she explained.

While Sorbo admits her faith in Christ isn't what compelled her to home school her children, she has seen the public school's impact on how the nation's youth view God.

"After I made the decision I realized I need to give my children religious instruction," she shared. "The religious instruction that children are getting in public schools is secular humanism. It is absolutely the religious instruction they are getting in school and parents are taking their kids to church every week for an hour."

Sorbo has written a book about her experience with home schooling called "They're Your Kids." 

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