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'We Need to Pray': Singer Colton Dixon Shares His Decision to Choose 'Faith or Fear' After Daughter's Birth

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Last August, American Idol alum Colton Dixon and his wife Annie welcomed identical twin daughters. It was the perfect pregnancy but the delivery didn't go as smoothly.

When one of the babies was born without a pulse, the couple said they chose faith over fear.

Dixon told CBN's Prayer Link that prayer played a key role in seeing his daughter come back to life. 

"We get to the hospital and everything was going great and we are so excited," he recalled. "After about 30 hours, our doctor said, 'We need to switch gears here and move to c-section.' We do that and they bring out our first daughter and she was not breathing. She had been in the birth canal a little too long."

He explained that their excitement quickly switched to shock, so they prayed for a miracle.

"And at that moment we had that decision to make. Faith or fear. My wife was all there and she said, 'We need to pray.' So we did - and pray from a place of knowing that God is still in the business of doing miracles. And I think a lot of people pray, kind of like...I hope this we know this is possible. So we pray, 'Your will is done here on earth as it is in heaven,' Dixon said. " We watched as the amazing doctors and nurses and God, of course, brought our daughter back to life. It was the longest minute and a half of our lives but we are so thankful."

The singer revealed that his song "Miracles" was written during a difficult time in his life. He emphasized the importance of seeking God during those moments and believing that miracles can happen. 

"This song came out of a season before the babies came. As a musician, I was out of a job. I was dropped by my label and didn't know what the future looked like. But my wife said something that changed the game for me," Dixon told CBN.  She said, 'What if this isn't a setback like it may seem but what if it's a setup for what's next...for what God's doing next.' So that what we stood on. We leaned in, we believed and prayed for the best."

"We watched God open doors that no man can shut and here we are with new music. I think it's the journey that builds your faith," he explained. "If we never went through trials, we wouldn't have the need for faith. But when we do, we come out the other end stronger."

Dixon said his next step is to watch and wait for God to reveal His plan. 

"We're going to take it one step at a time and see what God has for us this year. But He is already doing amazing things in our lives and I'm just excited to see what He does next," he concluded. 

Watch Prayer Link's exclusive interview with Dixon at 6:30 pm Eastern Tuesday on the CBN News Channel.

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