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WATCH: Florida Georgia Line Invites Chris Tomlin Up on Stage to Perform ‘How Great Is Our God’

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During their sold-out Atlanta concert, country band Florida Georgia Line brought their audience to church when they invited Christian artist Chris Tomlin on stage.

Before they brought Tomlin up on stage, band member Tyler Hubbard explained that the two had been looking up to Tomlin for years, and when the opportunity arose to perform together, the two were elated.

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“We get to do something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time,” Hubbard explained to the audience. “God really does have a sense of humor. A few months back we got to meet one of our heroes, and we ended up connecting with him and building a friendship and a brotherhood. We ended up getting to write a lot of songs and been hanging out a ton.”

Hubbard shared how he and fellow-bandmate Brian Kelley got their start, by singing Tomlin’s songs in their church.

“This is probably one of the coolest moments for us. It’s truly a full-circle God thing,” Hubbard said, revealing that they were about to perform “one of the songs that he (Tomlin) wrote that changed our life and that we’ve sung hundreds of thousands of times in church.”

“Still in awe that happened,” Florida Georgia Line wrote on Facebook, attached to a video of the entire performance. “Video is 6 minutes long but I swear it’s worth it.”

Before performing with Hubbard and Kelly, Tomlin told the audience “This is crazy. I’ve sung this song all over the world and now I’m here with these two brothers.”

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Tomlin, Hubbard, and Kelly went on to perform Tomlin’s 2004 hit “How Great is Our God,” then singing the hymn “How Great Thou Art,” to wrap it up.

According to Pop Culture Country, earlier in the night Florida Georgia Line encouraged their fans to raise their hands in worship during their song ‘HOLY.’

“There’s freedom and surrender when you put your hands in the air,” Hubbard said.

The moment of surrender continued as the band invited Tomlin up on stage to perform with them, a special intersection of Christian and country music coming together.

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