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Viral Video Shows Palestinian Students Acting Out Murder of Jews in School Play

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JERUSALEM, Israel – A Palestinian high school in East Jerusalem is under scrutiny for a video online showing students performing a play that includes a plotline about killing Jews.

The viral video was uploaded to TikTok and depicted students dressed up as gunmen pointing weapons at other blindfolded students on their knees. According to Israel’s Channel 12 News, the incident occurred at Anata High School in Jerusalem.

Far-right Israeli politician Itamar Ben-Gvir shared the video on Twitter and claimed one of the students in the play dressed up as a religious Jew was supposed to be him. He believed the student was depicting him because the student is wearing a white kippa, which Ben Gvir often wears.

Ben Gvir argued that the incident was incitement against him personally and called on the police to “take action.”

“A new record in incitement against me, this is what an end-of-year performance at a school in East Jerusalem looks like, students ‘eliminate’ me to the cheers of teachers and students. The wild incitement in school must not be passed over in silence, it starts with incitement and may end in murder. The instigators and supporters of terrorism must be brought to justice,” Ben Gvir tweeted.


Israel’s Education Ministry condemned the video but said it could not take action because the school falls under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

“Following the publication of the boys school in Anata educating about terrorism and murder, the Education Ministry would like to clarify that the school is under the full responsibility of the Palestinian Authority. The Education Ministry is not connected to the school in any way. At the same time, the ministry regrets the school raising its students on values of incitement, hatred and terrorism, instead of providing them with real education. The ministry will hand over the materials to the relevant bodies for further examination,” a statement issued by the ministry read.

CBN News has previously reported on terror incitement in Palestinian textbooks.

Last month, the United Nations agency dedicated to serving Palestinian refugees announced it suspended several teachers on staff following a report from Palestinian Media Watch showing they had written messages on social media in support of the Hamas terror organization in Gaza. 

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