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US Embassy Move to Jerusalem is ‘Birthday Present’ For Israel’s 70th, Israeli says

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More than 22 years after the US Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act mandating the US Embassy be moved to Jerusalem, it’s finally happening. 

Every six months for more than 20 years, presidents who had promised to move the embassy while on the campaign trail signed security waivers to avoid the move.  To be fair, there are always real security concerns in the Middle East.

But President Trump didn’t let fear stand in his way.  He made the decision, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December and on Monday, May 14 the US Embassy will officially be in Jerusalem.

Understandably, many Israelis didn’t believe it would really happen until the announcement was made and the wheels set in motion. But most are glad for it now.

CBN’s Scott Ross was in Israel recently and asked Israelis in liberal, hi-tech Tel Aviv and more conservative Jerusalem what they thought about the move of the embassy to Jerusalem.

“It’s always been, you know, the capital of the Jewish people.  Me as a person I don’t think it has as much difference except as world acceptance that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  For us it’s obvious,” said one young man in the center of Tel Aviv.

“(It’s) Like a glory (honor) you know, because the biggest State of the world recognize(d) that Jerusalem is ours, so it’s nice,” Sharon said…

“It should be 20 years ago!” said Gabriel

“As Nikki Haley said, Israel did not need the United States to tell us what the capital of Israel is. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for 3,000 years,” said his friend Yossi.

Debbie didn’t think it was such a good idea.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of mess,” she said, “Because (there) was a status quo. Until now everything was OK.  It will make a lot of fuss, noise and hatred.”

In Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda open air market, shoppers were enthusiastic.

“It’s about time! King David did it. I mean, now it’s time for the rest of the world to move their embassies.  I hope America’s just the first out of many,” said Hanan, an Israeli football player.

“That’s more of like a political statement that I don’t really have an opinion about,” said Daniella, a young mother.

“I’m very happy.  It’s been the capital of Jerusalem for as long as we’ve been here so I think it’s about time that everyone starts to realize that and recognize it, said Eli from London, whose is in Jerusalem studying  in a Jewish religious college in Israel.

“I think that’s something that most American Jews believe that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  That said, you know, making the move causes strife and it’s been in Tel Aviv for many years,” said Eric, who is visiting from New York.  “So I think it makes sense to be in Jerusalem but I’m not sure if it’s worth (the) divisions that will create.”

“It’s nice to have Jerusalem recognized as like the capital, cause it is the capital. Maybe it will be more convenient if anything,” said Jordana, who immigrated to Israel seven years ago from New Jersey.

“All the past presidents when it came time for campaigning, everybody said, ‘we’re going to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and no one had the courage to do it and it’s a move that should have been done many, many years ago,” said Moti who immigrated to Israel from Los Angeles more than 40 years ago.

“I’m very proud and Donald Trump is an amazing president,” said Tal, who was born and raised in Israel.  “I think it’s amazing that he’s your president….and he loves us! Finally we have a nice president that loves Israel and support us.”

“The nicest gift we can get for the 70th birthday of (Israel),” said Sarah, who said her family has been living in the Land for 10 generations.

“Well there’s a way of putting it! It’s a birthday present!” said Ross.


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