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Ukrainian Refugees Finding Peace and Comfort Thanks to Operation Blessing: 'Thank You for Helping'

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As the war enters a new phase, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is telling civilians who've fled the country not to try to return yet. 

Most of the more than 4 million refugees are in Poland. CBN's Operation Blessing is there on the border, waiting to serve these weary travelers. And each day, thousands of new refugees evacuate into Poland.

Tamara and Tatyana, two Ukrainian mothers who met while escaping, recall how terrifying the war was when they left their hometowns. 

"There were a lot of sirens, and we heard shots from neighboring cities. My husband told my son and me to pack and leave. He put us on the train, and we left," Tatyana recalls.

Tamara says, "It's scary when you walk on the street and a plane is flying very low right over you. Children always hiding in the basement.  All of this is scary."

***PLEASE Give to OPERATION BLESSING Relief Efforts in Poland and Ukraine***

The journey to Poland was dangerous, too. 

"While we were driving, we were worried there would be shelling," Tatyana explains.

"People said the train before ours was shot at," Tamara says. "We were afraid they would shoot at our train, too."

When Tamara and Tatyana safely crossed the border, they were welcomed by an Operation Blessing team that partners with one of the local churches. 

"I was so surprised to see all the volunteers. Everyone cares about us and tries to help. They gave candies to kids, food, something to drink, and even toys. And if people are cold, they give them warmth," Tamara says.

Thanks to the generosity of CBN partners, Operation Blessing is offering essential supplies, warm food, encouragement, and a moment of rest and safety for many Ukrainian families. 

"Thank you for helping people like this, people who ended up nowhere and without anything. It's a very big thing," Tamara says.

***PLEASE Give to OPERATION BLESSING Relief Efforts in Poland and Ukraine***

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