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UK Doc Fired for Not Calling Bearded Transsexual 'Madam' Will Appeal, Remain Faithful to Jesus Christ

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David Mackereth, the UK doctor whose speech was labeled as "incompatible with human dignity" last week by an Employment Tribunal says he didn't want to call a biological male 'madam' because his desire was to remain faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.

"At that moment, I knew that if I simply gave in, my fellowship with the Lord Jesus would be breached and that I would do something that was dishonoring to him," Mackereth explained. "He gave me the strength to take that stand."

The British government's Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) fired the 56-year-old Mackereth from his job as a disability assessor in late June 2018 because he refused to use politically correct speech when addressing a six-foot-tall bearded transsexual. 

Appearing on this week's episode of The Global Lane, Mackereth said he will appeal his court case because he is determined to fight for his beliefs despite the price he may have to pay.

"We have to appeal, we have to go forward and I as a Christian am determined to go forward no matter what. I have to. I cannot, I cannot do what they're telling me that I have to do," he explained.

Mackereth said he believes by calling a biological male 'madam,' he is telling a lie and in good conscience he could not tell a lie because lying is a terrible sin. As a Christian, he feels he is compelled to speak the truth.

"I don't believe a person can change sex and I would challenge my profession--any doctor anywhere in the world, any philosopher, any researcher to prove that a person can change sex. It is impossible," he insisted.

Dr. Mackereth said he did not intend to upset or offend anyone, and although Jesus has commanded his followers to love one another, Mackereth says Christians cannot truly love people by supporting and promoting a lie. 

"Christians are not the enemy of the people, but the ones who should be salt and light," he explained.

BELOW Dr. David Mackereth: 'We're being told to practice a lie'

And what if Mackereth loses his appeal? He and his legal team from the Christian Legal Center say there will be "seismic consequences" for the rights of UK employees to speak freely in the workplace. 

The 26-year veteran doctor suggests he is fighting for more than just getting his job back; Mackereth says he is fighting for freedom of speech and Christian conscience for all of Britain. 

"I remain entirely dependent on the grace of God. But we must fight this battle, we cannot walk away from it, we're all involved now."

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