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Turkey Uses Drones to Hunt Down Kurds as Christian Group Rescues on Front Lines

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JERUSALEM, Israel - Despite agreeing to a permanent cease-fire, renewed clashes between Turkey and Kurdish forces broke out in northeast Syria on Friday.

Turkey announced on Wednesday that it had suspended its operation in Syria after striking a deal with Russia.

But Turkey continues ground and air assaults against the Kurds. Sources tell CBN News that Turkey continues to use drones to rain down airstrikes on Kurdish targets.

Dave Eubank, who leads a small Christian organization called the Free Burma Rangers, is on the ground providing care to those wounded and displaced by the clashes between Turkey and the Kurdish-led forces.

Civilians rescued by Free Burma Rangers in Ras al-Ain, Courtesy: Dave Eubank

He told CBN News on Friday that the airstrikes from Turkey are "constant".

"These Turkish airstrikes have not stopped any day during this so-called cease-fire along with, of course, the Free Syrian Army," Eubank said, speaking near the city of Tel Tamir.

The Free Syrian Army – a jihadist group that destroyed churches during Turkey's invasion into Afrin last year - has joined forces with Erdogan again to attack the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Turkey is supporting the group with rockets, mortars, and artillery.

"They attacked all day yesterday from noon until night," Eubank said.

The SDF is urging the United States to hold those violating the cease-fire accountable.

"In spite of the Turks announcement of the END of military operations, they and their jihadists continue to VIOLATE and launch attacks on the eastern front of the Serêkaniyê," SDF General Commander Mazloum Abdi said Thursday.

Kurdish forces say Turkish mercenaries also kidnapped a young female fighter in Mashrafa village. They said her life is in danger.

"To stay silent in the face of these immoral acts which are far from humanity means being partners of these brutal and immoral acts," The General Command of Women's Protection Units YPJ said in a statement.

Turkish drones are one of the most lethal threats.

"Turks conducted multiple airstrikes with drones all around us. One was 100 meters in front of me, one was 200 meters behind me, many all around us. Multiple attacks against SDF positions," Eubanks said. "Earlier they had been targeting and taking out ambulances.

The Free Burma Rangers got word Thursday night that four people were wounded from two Turkish drones.

"So we went forward to try and find them and we had to hide constantly from the drones ourselves," he said.

The Free Burma Rangers were able to save three of the injured and transport them to a hospital in Tel Tamir. A fourth one died from his injuries.

Eubank's team also encountered a small abandoned town where there was only one family left. The family told the Free Burma Rangers they are afraid to leave their home because Turkish drones are buzzing above.

"They said 'if the drone sees us it will hit us.' And I felt like I was in some end of the world scenario. Abandoned streets, no one, and these drones flying overhead constantly," Eubank explained.

The attacks have not stopped the Free Burma Rangers from conducting harrowing rescues. Earlier this week they rescued civilians in Ras al-Ain where the Free Syrian Army was attacking.

Civilians rescued by Free Burma Rangers in Ras al-Ain, Courtesy: Dave Eubank

"We went about 500 meters behind the hospital to a market where civilians had been hiding. We helped evacuate them and on the way out there was some shooting. None of the bullets hit us and for that we thank God," Eubank said.

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