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The SPLC's Hate List Inspired Hate Against This Conservative Millennial

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Watch Hannah Scherlacher's interview to find out the response she received when she phoned the Southern Poverty Law Center and asked that she be removed from their hate list.            

The Southern Poverty Law Center was once known as an organization that fought for civil rights. That was back in the 1970's, but in 2017 it is pledging to destroy groups that it says spread lies about gays, transgenders and lesbians.

CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd recently reported about a map and watchlist the organization has compiled of groups it says are espousing hate speech.

But now it appears the SPLC may be inspiring hate speech against those it accuses of spreading hate.

"When you've put the Klan out of business and won all your battles, but you're not ready to close your doors, you've got to find new enemies to fight," Hurd reported.

Among those on the SPLC list? Congressman Trent Franks (R) Arizona, Governor Sam Brownback (R) Kansas, and even conservative millennial Hannah Scherlacher of Campus Reform.

Scherlacher appeared on The Global Lane this week and discussed how she was put on the SPLC hate list simply because she appeared on an Family Research Council radio program discussing socialism on American college and university campuses.

As a result, Scherlacher says she was the target of hate--death threats that have forced her to shut down her public social media accounts.

And you'll never guess who else made the SPLC list. He's a Trump administration cabinet official.
Watch the video to find out who it is.

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