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This Is So Good: For King & Country, Kirk Franklin, Tori Kelly Launch Powerful New Music Video

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Since the COVID-19 crisis began, Christian artists have been virtually coming together to make music that is spiritually uplifting and inspiring.

The Grammy Award-winning band For King & Country teamed up with Christian artists Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly to create a music video that delivers hope to those who are hurting during the pandemic. 

'Together' was filmed while the artists were quarantined and features messages from thousands of people who shared their stories of disappointment and distress. 

For King & Country wrote in an Instagram post, "Filmed in quarantine in our homes during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. 'TOGETHER' with Kirk Franklin + Tori Kelly. So grateful to all 2000 of you who lent us your stories and voices to make this music video possible. #wewillRISE #TOGETHER."

The lyrics to the song emphasize that we are not alone during these dark and difficult times.

"If you're looking for hope tonight, raise your hand. If you feel alone and don't understand. If you're fighting in the fight of your life, then stand - we're gonna make it through this, hand in hand." 

One poster said, "I reunited with my family who loves me. God is good." 

"My dad died from COVID-19," another wrote. 

One person shared, "We couldn't get married due to the lockdown, but we'll have a massive celebration once we're through this." 

In March, For King & Country presented the live cyber concert, "TOGETHER: A Night of Hope" in an effort to bring encouragement during these uncertain times.

"I think we all kind of need a moment of encouragement, a moment where we can reflect on the things and the reasons why we're hopeful," Luke Smallbone told CBN News via a Zoom interview.

"I think a lot of us feel very isolated but yet even like what we've got going on here on Zoom, there are virtual ways that we can feel together. That's what we essentially designed this night around," he added.

Special guests from around the world joined in via Facetime from other parts of the country, including Gospel music artist Kirk Franklin and Kathie Lee Gifford. 

And last month, Franklin gathered gospel singers and friends to perform "I Smile," as part of a COVID-19 relief effort.

The music artist has gone public about his previous battles with depression, worry, anxiety, and fear. But he found a simple way to overcome it and that was to live a life of gratitude.

"Things for you could be worse. I promise you it could be worse. And so, living a life of gratitude, then you will begin to be more selfless. Giving God thanks for what he has already done," Franklin said.

Fans can watch the "Together" music video below:


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