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'Run the Race': Tim Tebow Encourages Young People with New Movie

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LOS ANGELES – Tim Tebow has gone from Heisman Trophy winner with the Florida Gators, to NFL quarterback, to minor league baseball player, where he's gearing up for yet another season.

"You look at the last ten years and all of the twists and turns my life has taken. And not a lot of them you could have possibly predicted. But I am grateful for all of them. I love what I'm doing," Tebow says.

 And he's doing it well, adding filmmaker to his credits with a movie that includes mention of his beloved Florida Gators.

"Run the Race" recently premiered in Hollywood, where we caught up with Tebow strolling the red carpet with his new fiancee, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Miss Universe 2017.

"I couldn't be more proud of Tim!" Nel-Peters said.

The couple made headlines following Tim's surprise romantic proposal during the Christmas holiday. 

"I'm happy. I'm very grateful she said yes," Tebow told CBN News.

Now, getting back to "Run the Race," a story about the weight of the world, and the love of a brother.

"The world is not always easy. Society is not always easy on us," Tebow said. "So if we can encourage young people on their journey, on their race, it would be worth it. So that's why we really started this, to have them go see a movie and walk away and be inspired. And hopefully knowing you're not always going to win, you're not always going to come in first. But you're loved in the process, you're special. And there's a reason and a purpose for you and you can pursue your passions."

His favorite part of the movie, he says, is that it's about relationships.

"We were made for a relationship, with God and with each other," Tebow said. "And to be able to understand forgiveness – to get it and to give it – and to understand love, and learn to work through those hurdles on your journey. I think that relationship aspect is probably my favorite part of it."

It's an emotional roller coaster for the two young men in the story. We asked Tebow how he copes with loss.

"I've lost a lot of things whether it's people I've been close to, whether it's [Make A] Wish kids that I've loved, and they've gone to heaven early, whether it's been not all your dreams going the way you want. But in the midst of it, what do we have to hold on to, who do we have to hold on to, when everything else feels like it's shaken, who are we, and whose are we? That's what "Run the Race" really touches on," he said. 

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