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Rockstar Turned Believer Alice Cooper: TV Evangelism is 'One of Satan's Greatest Weapons'

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Rock legend Alice Cooper says "TV evangelism is one of Satan's greatest weapons" and explains why he calls himself "the real prodigal son."

The singer opened up about his thoughts on televangelism during an interview on The Harvest Show, a Christian program.

"TV evangelism is one of Satan's greatest weapons. They put these guys on a pedestal and all of a sudden they get caught with a prostitute and every Christian I know then is under the gun," Cooper said.

"So you don't think that's kind of a set-up? Yeah, I'm telling you, the Devil is very smart," Cooper warned. "He's not going to come out with the horns and the tail. He's going to come in as the slickest car salesman you ever saw. I've seen some pretty slick pastors on TV."

Cooper wasn't always this passionate and vocal about Christianity.

Although he was raised in a Christian home, Cooper says he ran far from God during the height of his rock career.

"I always refer to myself as the real prodigal son because I went out and the Lord let me do everything," Cooper said.  "Maybe didn't let me but allowed it, and then just started reeling me back in. You know, you've seen enough. Let's bring you back to where you belong."

Now, he has a warning for the rest of the world.

"Be careful! Satan is not a myth. Don't sit around pretending like Satan is just a joke," Cooper said. "I think my job is to warn about Satan."

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