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'In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem' Debuts to Sold-Out Audiences

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WASHINGTON – From the Big Apple to the nation's capital, moviegoers are raving about "In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem."

The CBN-produced docu-drama recounts the harrowing tale of Israel's Six-Day War and the paratroopers who led them to victory.

In the nation's capital, that moving story of survival came to life on the big screen in front of a sold-out audience that included beltway celebrity and Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins.

"It became very real to me. In the news, Israel seems like a far-off place with stories that don't affect me on a day-to-day basis. Watching that documentary and hearing Mr. Robertson's summary at the end, it comes to life. It becomes very real," reflected Cousins after viewing the film.
Theatergoers said the movie had a very personal meaning.
"My husband is Christian and I'm Jewish so we have an immediate bond right there, but it also gives me hope. It's visible how Jews and Christians can live so peaceably together, in such harmony together and with such respect," said one attendee.

The feeling was shared across the country.
At the Manhattan premiere of "In Our Hands," a predominantly Jewish audience remembered the events of the Six-Day War firsthand. They came away full of emotion and thankful that a younger generation would learn the lessons of Israel's history.

"Having lived through it, it's an emotional experience for me. It is important that we, as Jews, know and appreciate what the Christian coalition are doing for us," one audience member said.  

"It was incredible. I spent half of it crying. It's a story I know. My family is Israeli. I know so many soldiers, but it was really retold in an amazing fashion," commented another attendee.

Deep in the heart of Texas, there was more of the same, with viewers saying the movie couldn't have come at a better time.
"I think this is such a vital time we are living in. We need more awareness about Jerusalem and its role here in the world," one moviegoer said.

"I think it's going to make a difference in the hearts of people to see this and be reminded of God's hand on that nation," said another.
It's a message making an impact on viewers and spreading fast.
"I was already texting friends on the way out and telling people to come and see it," laughed Cousins.

It's a 50-year-old piece of history that's capturing the heart of a modern audience.

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