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Nick Cannon's Brother Gabe Reveals How God took Him from Being Fame Obsessed to Spirit-Filled


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Gabe Cannon was so close to fame, he could almost taste it. 

As the younger brother of actor and musician Nick Cannon, Gabe and his other brothers, Reuben and Caleb, wanted to be just like Nick. 

"We idolized him," he told Rapzilla Magazine during an interview. 

While the brothers couldn't actually be Nick, they lived in the shadow of his success. They had access to everything Hollywood had to offer -- money, women, and drugs. 

"As Nick got more famous and we moved to Hollywood, everybody already knew that Nick Cannon's brothers were coming," said Gabe. "The girls had us picked out to be their boyfriends, and made up in their mind what we look like. They thought they had an idea." 

The high-paced and boozed-filled lifestyle of Hollywood's elite couldn't satisfy him. 

"It's a feeling of power but I have no idea. I am empty and only doing stuff for approval," Gabe recalled. 

Gabe felt God nudging him throughout his party years, but he tried to ignore it.

That all changed one night when God finally confronted him face to face. 

"I'm in my friend's yard on the floor screaming for God at 3 a.m.," he said as people around him contemplated calling the cops. "God started showing me the pureness and the innocence. 'This is who I made you to be Gabriel'. It started hitting me bad."

From that moment on, Gabe decided to take a stand for Christ. 

"I moved to Malibu and went to the beach with my daughter all day and read my Bible. It was true repentance," he said. "When Jesus told the woman, 'Sin no more'. I wanted it." 

Instead of rapping to impress his brother and women, Gabe is rapping for the Lord. 

"God was telling me to pick my pen up," Gabe said. "God said, 'Go', so I go."

Gabe has since written and produced several rap songs, but this time, it's about glorifying the Lord.

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