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A New Way to Church: Justin Bieber's Pastor Launches App to Take Church Global

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He's one of the men who helped introduce Justin Bieber to Jesus Christ. Now Pastor Judah Smith is working on the rest of the world, bringing church to your smart phone and tablet in a new way.

Smith and his wife Chelsea, who are lead pastors of Churchome with locations in Seattle and Los Angeles, have launched an app that brings church to the palm of your hand, including sermons, a virtual lobby, a "Daily Spark" inspiration, prayer and even community groups.

The Chuchome Global App can be downloaded from the church's website

Fox News reports Smith said he decided to launch the app after he noticed a growing number of his members said they no longer go to a physical church building.  So the pastor duo decided to bring the church to them right on their phone whenever they want. 

"We're trying to take church to the palm of your hand," Smith said. "Wherever you go, Churchome is with you."

Churchome, previously called City Church, was founded by Smith's father in 1992. Smith himself has been preaching for 25 years. He says being able to go to church on your phone, doesn't signal the end of physical church buildings. 

"Technology has changed the world and we believe that technology is not a bad thing. It's like money. It's what you do with it. It could be good or evil, and we believe that we have an opportunity," he said.


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Besides Bieber, the church's celebrity members include pro-golfer Bubba Watson and Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson. 

"Russ and I get to spend a lot of time together during the season as I get to do the chaplaincy for the Seattle Seahawks," Smith told Fox News. 

Smith noted he's really proud of Bieber, Watson, and Wilson whom he calls "his brothers."

"To see them share their faith, which is the most important part of their life for those three men, the platform that God has given them has been something that has been so encouraging to me," he said.

Bieber and Smith have been friends for several years, after Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette introduced them. Smith says he has learned more from the singer than Bieber has learned from him. 

"Watching Justin's journey, as he's grown up in view of the entire world and yet has owned his journey and his challenges and difficulties," Smith said. "I think is an incredible example."

"Justin Bieber has taught me far more than I could ever teach him about what it means to grow and walk in humility and be someone who really wants to follow Jesus," he added. 


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