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'My Brokenness + God's Divinity': Katy Perry Points to Jesus for Healing

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Pop artist Katy Perry is showing off an old tattoo, perhaps one that aligns with some new perspective.

In an Instagram post on Easter Sunday, Perry shared a picture of a tattoo on her wrists that simply reads: "Jesus."

In the caption, she writes, "my brokenness + God's Divinity = my wholeness."


my brokenness + God’s Divinity = my wholeness

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A year ago, the singer denounced her Christian upbringing in an interview with Vogue.

The Jesus tattoo is a reflection of that past. Perry inked his name on her wrist when she was just 18 years old as her first tattoo, according to

However, more recently, Perry told Glamour Magazine she has been embarking on a spiritual journey over the last couple months, saying she's "preparing to do a big soul overhaul."

"I want to emotionally elevate myself. I don't want to hold on to childhood trauma anymore. I want to grow into becoming an adult," Perry said.

Perry also shared later last year that she had been dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts, but said she was able to pull through by the grace of God.

"I do believe in something much bigger than me and I call that God for me," she said. "I know that God has His hand on me, and I know sometimes I go through things and they're just too intense and I can't handle them and then He swoops in and He shows me that it's His grace that brings me through it."

Her parents have asked Christians to pray for Katy as she has struggled with questions of faith.

"I want you to pray for my daughter," said Keith Hudson, her father. "Don't judge her, pray for her."

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