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Missionary Family Takes Gospel to Red Light District in Thailand


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Thailand is home to one of the worst sex trafficking industries in the world, but the Anasco family is looking to change that by sharing God's unconditional love. 

For the last 12 years Christine Anasco has been a missionary to countries like Trinidad and the Philippines, but in 2014 she, her husband and their four children decided to make Thailand their home. 

Their goal from the onset was spread the Gospel message to woman trapped in the sex trafficking industry. 

"The quest for love is really driving this degrading market," she told LifeNews. "Our aim is show these women they are valued."

The U.S State Department has recently added Thailand to its Tier 2 watch list because the country not only traffics sex and labor victims, but is a transit area where victims are moved from one country to the next. 

"Corruption continues to undermine anti-trafficking efforts. Reports persist that some government officials are directly complicit," read a statement from the website. 

Anasco said she is called to help the women trapped in the sex industry. 

"Seeing the value of every life has always been a huge part of what I believe in; it reflects the heart of Christ for justice," she said. 

Anasco's ministry is in it's foundational stage. Her and her family travel weekly to the red light district to build relationships. 

"The advocacy often turns to Psalm 139, which speaks of how God formed each of us in our mother's womb. God knew us, and He knit us together," she explained."Our aim is show them they are valued, their lives have meaning and God really values who they are."

"When they experience love, they can begin to shift from a mindset of fear to faith," Anasco expressed. "Though trapped in human trafficking today, these women were created in His image and He has designed them for something more than what they are living."

Source: Life News

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