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Michelle Malkin to CBN News: Money Trail Shows Your Tax Dollars Being Used to Usurp US Borders

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The backlog at the US immigration court now exceeds more than one million cases. Trump administration officials blame Congress for failing to fix the failed immigration system, saying immigration courts have more cases right now than they can handle.

Conservative author and pundit Michelle Malkin says people with good intentions are actually enabling a lucrative worldwide criminal racket in human smuggling.

On this week's Global Lane program on the CBN News Channel, she said the best way to help people improve their lives is not through immigration, but by helping them in their home countries.

In her new book, Open Borders Inc.: Who's Funding America's Destruction?, Malkin has extensively researched to see who's funding the effort to usurp America's borders through mass migration, and she points the finger at more than 400 groups, including the United Nations and the European Union.  

"Many of your viewers will also be very aware of the famous, or rather infamous hedge fund billionaire George Soros who has spent the last couple of decades building up a massive infrastructure under the umbrella of 'open society' foundations," she said.

"But I think what may shock your viewers, and it certainly shocked me as I was documenting it in the book, was the extent to which taxpayer funding itself has helped subsidize this network, and in particular the refugee resettlement program which is run by the United Nations in conjunction with the State Department and the Health and Human Services Department, and a small coterie of lucrative government contractors, almost exclusively religious non-profits, I really believe is an eye-opener for people because it totals billions of dollars, unfortunately to the detriment of our national safety," Malkin explains.

You can hear more from Michelle Malkin – including her analysis on sanctuary cities – Thursday night on the Global Lane on the CBN News Channel at 9:30 Eastern.


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