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'Lord Jesus, We Trust in Your Great Love': Latin American Christians Cry Out for God's Mercy Over Venezuela

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Christians in Venezuela are taking up the fight for the country's future – in prayer.

Evangelicals are rallying and praying for their nation, asking God to bring peace and return their Venezuela to democracy.

President Trump says the US is recognizing Juan Guaidó as the country's interim president. 

Guaidó is backed by Venezuela's National Assembly which says Nicolas Maduro stole the recent election.

Maduro, widely considered to be a dictator, claims he's the rightfully elected leader of Venezuela and shows no signs of giving up power, despite an ever-escalating crisis of food shortages and poverty caused by his socialist policies.

Guaidó says he would consider granting amnesty to dictator Maduro and his allies if they help return the country to constitutional order. But for now the country's military is backing Maduro, and some fear that could bloody violence in the coming days.

CBN New's Latin American division Mundo Cristiano reports several leaders and Christian singers took to social media to comment on the tension suffered by Venezuela, after Guaidó was proclaimed temporary president.

One of the first to post an opinion was Venezuelan singer, Daniel Calveti, who wrote: "Lord Jesus, we trust in your great Love for our beautiful country. We put our eyes and hearts on the hope that only comes from You." 

Costa Rican singer and pastor, Danilo Montero, offered up a prayer for Venezuela: "We pray for all the Venezuelan people so that the Lord may grant them the gift of peace. That in the midst of this difficult situation His light will guide you to a future of good and peace. "

The Guatemalan band, Miel San Marcos, also wrote: "VENEZUELA We are united praying and believing for the beginning of a new time for this Nation, the Sun of Justice will illuminate all darkness. Psalm 126 says when Jehovah returns the captives of Zion, we will be like those who dream. Then our mouth will be filled with laughter and our tongue with praise; Then they will say among the nations: Great things has Jehovah done with these #Venezuela #venezuelalibre # mielsanmarco

Pastor Rubén Giménez, father of the Montreal band members, held a prayer outside the Venezuelan Consulate in Miami.

Laura Giménez, better known as Laurita, of the Montreal band, published: "Today and we are always with you Venezuela. Courage and faith that the world accompanies you. # 23e #venezuelalibre"

Argentine pastor and lecturer, Dante Gebel, said: Let's go VENEZUELA beloved! We all turn out to claim the freedom and peace that this wonderful country deserves. It's now or never!! We pray strongly for all Venezuelan friends who deserve a legitimate President. #Venezuelalibre". 

And on Instagram, Colombian singer Alex Campos also requested prayer for Venezuela.


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